Looking Back column

By: Howard Stitt
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LOOKING BACK From our archives; compiled by Howard Stitt


10 Years Ago

Sept. 18, 2008

    Brooke Haydu, Randy Nemeth, Jennifer Vargas, Jonathon Rhodes, Lindsey Dalbin, Laurel Nichols, Becky Pahl, Dustin Fee, Sarah Crozier, and Rosine Borello are new teachers in the Loomis School District. Borello, a 2003 Del Oro graduate, is excited about being in the area where she went to high school and served as the drum majorette for the Golden Eagle Band.

Alissa Hood and Emma Freeman led the Del Oro Girls’ Cross Country team to first- place in the Nevada Union Invitational.

Beckie Perell of Loomis Alpacas shows off Able as part of National Alpaca Days. She and her husband started the alpaca farm in 2003. The financial investment is substantial as a female that has been bred runs about $100,000. A hefty price goes for an animal with quality fiber, called Incan gold. Alpaca fiber has been treasured for thousands of years by the people of Peru and other South American highland countries.

The town of Loomis closed escrow on the historic building downtown previously owned by South Placer Municipal Utilities. The former Bank of Loomis building will be the new Town Hall.

Ron Texeira and Mary Arbegast opened their Anytime Fitness gym in Penryn. Their interest in health and fitness increased after Mary became sick with Lyme disease. They are married with five children ages 9 to 21.

Hisa Horiuchi shows off a perfectly-shaped 1.25-pound tomato grown in her small garden in downtown Loomis.

Denise Ash of Loomis is named a member of the 2008 Executive Council of the New York Life Insurance Company. The company was founded in 1845. Ash lived in Loomis for 16 years and taught for 10 years in the Loomis School District. She and her husband, Brian, have three sons: Robert, Kevin and Eric.



25 Years Ago

Sept. 9, 1993

Services were held for Susan Gail Giese, 42. She graduated from Del Oro High School in the late 1960s. Giese was a clerk for Volunteers of America.

Services were held for Hisa Morishige, 93. She was a native of Japan and resided in Penryn since 1920. Morishige was a homemaker and a Placer Buddhist Church member.

Loomis Troop 12 Boy Scouts Russ Pike, Andrew Martin and Chris Pike are helping prepare for a Family Rummage Sale. Donations are being accepted by Nancy and Rich Colwell.

A few locations are being considered for the Loomis Teen Center. The newly elected Board of Directors and advisors are Hazel Hineline, Paula Hastings, Robert Black, Patty Ford, Nadine Glenn, Paul Yokote, Ron Brown, Pat Boxberger and Isabel Polanco. Kathleen Geary is the contact person to become involved with the center.

Abigail Lunardini of Loomis received a scholarship from the Placer County Association of REALTORS. She plans to attend University of California at Davis.

Placer County's exhibit at the California State Fair was voted the winner of the "People's Choice" by fair visitors.

Last February, Randy Richardson received a letter inviting him to represent Del Oro High School in the 1993 Optimist All-Star Football Game. He called his Uncle Sam Golden to invite him to the game. While in elementary school, Randy admired his uncle, a 1976 Del Oro graduate. Golden played quarterback for his school and also played in the Optimist Game. Richardson couldn't wait to be able to follow in his uncle's footsteps.


50 Years Ago

Sept. 12, 1968

Mr. A.C. Larsen of Loomis is one of the few fruit growers left in Placer County. He attributes this to the fact he does most of own work and he has improved the varieties of fruit he grows. Also, he grows peaches shipped primarily to the eastern market.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith installed 600 feet of PVC rigid plastic pipe on their 10 acres of open space on Indian Springs Road in Loomis.

Young people showing their animals at the Auburn District Fair include 12-year-old Loomis resident Randy Millard showing his Champion Hereford Heifer. Randy is a member of Miners Ravine 4-H.

Bunny Nakagawa, the Auburn District Fair manager, says the events will include auto daredevil stunts including a head-on collision, an 80-foot leap through the air and a crash into a flaming wall. Another stunt will be the world famed but seldom performed "coffin dynamiting." A stunt man will lie while dynamite is set off on all sides. If the trick works, he will emerge shaken but unscathed and his wooden shelter will be blown to bits. Fun, huh.

Junior Warden Ken Mathews will be in charge of the Penrhyn Masonic Lodge's Constitution Observance.

Five Del Oro Golden Eagle Band members participated in a marching clinic at the University of Montana in Bozeman. They were Heidi Rowe, Doug Bailey, Katri Kokita, Bob Colwell and John DeVilliers. Band Director Ron Jones was also active in the clinic.

H. Clarke Powers is the new Loomis School principal. He will be introduced to the PTA members by Mrs. Kenneth Famestad, president.

An explosion and resulting fire completely destroyed the rental home occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hutson. The couple, along with their five small children, were safe but a request was made for clothing and furniture for the family. The home was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Browning of rural Loomis and located near the Log Store on Mabel Lane.


75 Years Ago

September 1943

Little Alberta let out a yell from the car’s rear seat, causing Mrs. Blanche Valdez of Loomis to look around. As a result, she failed to make a turn on the Folsom road and her car went off the road. Alberta received a gash above her eye.

Loomis Boy Scouts Howard Mehl, John Hall Kenny and Galen Reineike were having a great experience during summer camp at Camp Pahatsi.

Nick Montes, U.S. Coast Guard, is home on furlough from Alameda. Also visiting home is Harry Harrison from Kentucky. His brother, Jack, is serving somewhere in Sicily.

The 3rd War Loan Drive begins September 9. Residents will be asked to invest in at least one "extra" $100 War Bond. That is in addition to their regular purchases.

Due to the inability to get help, Mr. Joe Park of the Orange Cove said no more full meals will be served at the Cove. Customers will only be able to get sandwiches, drinks and fountain service.

Senator Claire Engle of Red Bluff won the seat in Congress in a special election. Of the 471 qualified voters in the Loomis precincts, only 149 actually turned out to cast their votes. Results for Loomis were Grace Englebright - 54, Jesse Mayo - 48, and Clair Engle - 47.

A large barn belonging to J.J. Callison burned to the ground. Besides the building, he lost about $150 worth of hay, some harness and other things.

Rationing restrictions of the use of grade "C" camel back for recapping tires have been removed.

In 7 months, the United States constructed as many ships as in the entire merchant fleet of pre-war days.

The days of tinned bully are ended for American seamen as now quick frozen meat is served on voyages lasting as long as 3 months. Also "fresh" milk that tastes like the real product right off the farm is the result of powdered milk mixed with water and put into a giant shaker.

(Standing Guard-oral histories)

Many Loomis residents of Japanese descent are living in ten relocation centers. The majority were sent to Tule Lake Internment Camp. The camp is very large, 32,000 acres, so big that it takes 3 hours to walk from one end to the other. The camp is surrounded by a high barbed wire fence with a watch tower every 400 yards manned by armed guards.