Will the General Plan be upheld?

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How disappointing that newcomer-to-town and Loomis Town Council candidate Dave Wheeler has made this campaign a partisan race. His promotional materials have the familiar ring of Rush Limbaugh by using divisive political labels to identify candidates. I think the Tea Party has found a new puppet – just look who's pulling his strings from the names on his campaign materials. And, Mr. Wheeler's Facebook campaign words speak loud and clear about his campaign's intentions. His (Facebook) quote is, "In my opinion the General Plan cannot be enforced upon folks private property." Do the supporters and endorsers of his campaign, many of whom served on the Loomis Council, Planning Commission, and even a Placer County Supervisor, know he does not intend to uphold the General Plan? He doesn't deserve the job on Loomis Council if he can't support the Loomis General Plan that took endless hours of citizen participation and years to develop and approve. Irene Smith, Loomis