Why no outside bids?

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Loomis Council voted at the Council meeting on Aug. 9 to give a non-profit group called Placer Sustain a $5,000 no-bid contract to do an energy project in the downtown Loomis business district. Councilman Liss sits on the Board of Directors for Placer Sustain, and before the discussion and vote of the contract for Placer Sustain, Councilman Liss advised everyone in attendance that he had consulted with an attorney and said that since he is receiving no monetary gains from this contract being given to Placer Sustain, that by law he is allowed to participate and vote on this contract. I would first question why a contract is given to a non-profit group with no other bids being solicited, and secondly, I would say that even though Councilman Liss isn’t receiving any monetary funds indirectly, this still benefits an organization that is near and dear to his heart. When our Council is making decisions, they should consider appearances and the leadership of our town should be above reproach, and not have hidden agendas. Their sole agenda should be to represent the residents of the town, not special interest groups. Sonja L. Cupler, Loomis