Which outcome was most surprising?

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This weekend's football games included some highly anticipated matchups, some of which delivered on the drama and others which did not.

And then, there was that game at Woodcreek that caught us all off guard. Our new Placer Sports poll asks you to tell us which of three results surprised you the most from Friday (and Saturday).

In addition to logging your vote by selecting one of the choices, we also invite you to share your positive comments supporting your choice.

Did you expect that Lincoln was for real all along, or were you surprised by their seven-point win at Placer?

Did you have an inkling that Del Oro might be caught in a trap game against Woodcreek, with unbeaten Rocklin next up on the schedule or were you like most of us in assuming that the Golden Eagles would win on the road?

Or, perhaps you were more surprised with a college outcome - maybe not that Oregon beat USC but with the easiness of the way?

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