Letters to the editor

Wheeler wants homes that are affordable

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Last week Dave Wheeler had the opportunity to walk the community and knock on doors to help express what he truly believed in as opposed to having others hear or interpret what they think he wants for the future of Loomis. Especially interesting was walking the area of the future Heritage Preserve and the people who live there.  Door after door, these residents had the opinion that Dave Wheeler wanted low income apartments on that land as opposed to the “tree park”.  That could not be more wrong.  If you have ever driven in the area of Becky Way and the other streets in that area you will find a beautiful community of lovely affordable homes with great families who are an asset to our community and schools.  This land was designated for such a development in the General Plan for Loomis, originally.  Dave Wheeler wants just that. He believes affordable, lovely homes for future generations, only keeps Loomis what it is – a place to call home. Knowing the truthful facts is important when making a decision.  

Gayle Wheeler, Loomis