Wheeler, Morillas win Loomis Town Council race

Placer County declares election results 'semi-official'
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Editor
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Loomis Town Council candidates Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Morillas have won in the posted election results, with Wheeler receiving 42 percent of the vote, and Morillas receiving 34 percent of the vote. Incumbent Gary Liss trailed with just 24 percent of the vote.

As of 11:35 p.m., Tuesday Nov. 6, all nine Loomis precincts had reported and a number of mail-in ballots had been counted. It appears that approximately 1,700 ballots have been counted. The counts were 1,529 for Wheeler; 1,235 for Morillas; and 860 for Liss. Voters could vote for up to two council candidates.

During the last presidential election in 2008, there were 2,593 ballots cast for Loomis offices. A number of provisional ballots must still be counted and may not be posted for days.

Morillas supporters gathered Thursday evening at Pizza Factory in Loomis and were very pleased with the initial results that were posted on the Placer County Elections website.

“I have a good feeling that I’ll get elected. The support of the community has been behind me,” Morillas said.

Morillas said she and Wheeler will bring “more sanity” to the council and will "listen more to what the people of the town want.”

Councilman Miguel Ucovich was in attendance and said, “This is a landslide. Gary Liss is getting very little support out of the community. With this big of a gap, I’ve never seen the results change when the remaining ballots are counted.”

Ucovich said with Wheeler and Morillas elected the direction of the council will change.

“It will change away from a green, environmental basis back to what’s best for all residents of Loomis,” Ucovich said.

Wheeler spoke in a phone interview and said, “I’m very happy we were able to replace Gary Liss.”

Wheeler said, “The 3-2 voting block has been broken up.”

He said the new council will be “more fiscally responsible, will fix roads and will stop wasteful spending.”

Gary Liss said on Wednesday, "The voters have spoken. I wish those elected the best of luck in the next four years."

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