Weight-loss efforts recognized

By: Bruce Warren, Gold Country News Service
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A weight-loss program, offered by a Loomis woman, has made a difference in the health of individuals willing to give it a try. Wellness Coach Eleanor McCampbell enrolled nine Loomis women in Weight Loss Challenge, a national program put on by independent Herbalife distributors. Women attended classes every Wednesday for 12 weeks at the Rejuvenate Day Spa in Loomis. Over 12 weeks, nine women ranging in age from late 20s to early 70s, lost a total of 100 pounds. After paying a $39 enrollment fee, members meet for group support and take nutritional classes on various subjects such as sugars, carbohydrates, exercise and portion control. Ten dollars of the fee goes to support the Foundation for Prevention of Childhood Obesity found at the Web site, McCampbell’s personal achievement with the program has been just short of phenomenal, but it’s also about bringing the message of health and nutrition to Placer County. “I lost 65 pounds and went from size 18 to a size four pants, and I’ve kept my weight off for 14 years,” McCampbell said in an interview this week. “I have healthier eating and exercise like walking my dog, but I don’t work out at the gym. My doctor told me that I have cholesterol levels of a pro athlete.” From being on six different prescription drugs, McCampbell, 55, has been “medication-free for 13 years,” she said. Sue Duarte, 58, is one of nine Loomis women to complete the Weight Loss Challenge and cited group support from other members as making the difference. “The main thing that helped was meeting every week and we would compare what we did,” Duarte said. “I knew if I didn’t do well that I would have to go back and confess. I lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks.” An administrative assistant, Duarte spends most of her day sitting down, working on a computer. “I sit at a desk all day,” Duarte said. “Now I walk from one-half to three-quarters of a mile a day from nothing.” This was the first weight loss program that Duarte has participated in and her goal was to lose the 20 pounds that she gained over the past two years. The program also worked for Loomis resident Dana Pineschi, 35, who managed to lose a significant amount of weight when other programs produced no results. “I lost 14 pounds in 12 weeks,” Pineschi said. “I had been trying to lose weight for the last 12 years, even tried Weight Watchers and nothing was working for me.” The stay-at-home mom has a part-time job as a dog walker at a local kennel and does get some exercise, but she changed her lifestyle. “I made some major lifestyle changes,” Pineschi said. “Now, I exercise daily. I walk. I work out at home with a set of weights. Stephanie De Danann, 34, of Roseville, who works at the Rejuvenate Day Spa, lost 15 pounds during the challenge. “I did it with my mom and it was nice to have someone keep me on track,” Danann said. “I learned a lot about nutrition during the classes, and I had never