Weigh choices on term limits

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As your newest Loomis Town Councilmember, I want to urge every citizen who is interested in finding the best way to resolve the legal questions surrounding Measure A term limits to attend the Town Council’s public forum at 4 p.m. this Friday afternoon, Feb. 4, at the Loomis Depot. The local term limits initiative regrettably contained not one but two retroactive features, which violate the U.S. Constitutional prohibition of ex post facto laws and also violate a California law which prohibits retroactive term limits. These two illegal features will have to somehow be repaired in order to retain the rest of Measure A and impose term limits on Loomis. On Friday, the council hopes to decide whether to go forward with the pending court action to repair it – or whether to switch to a faster, simpler and less expensive solution. If you are concerned – regardless of which side you are on – I urge you to come, listen, weigh the choices, and participate. It’s what democracy is all about – at the grass roots level. Sandra Calvert, Loomis