Water park will benefit many

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I moved to Loomis a few years ago and love the small-town feeling. I was excited to hear that Loomis was a “family” community and was thrilled with the idea of a water park with shade trees to gather together on those hot nights. It has come to my attention that the water park aspect of this new park has been eliminated and a skateboard park has been slotted in its place. I am expressing my disappointment in this situation. I moved here from the Bay Area and I can tell you that the only successful skate parks have been ones “set apart” from family gathering “parks.” The two just do not mix. I am not opposed to skate parks but they must be built with ample open space as a safety measure for the community. Behind the Train Depot and around possible young families is a concern to me. I am asking the town council to reconsider the water park option and remember that you serve the whole community of Loomis and not just a handful of people. Clarice Johnston, Loomis