Wanted: fresh town council

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I had the pleasure of attending the candidate debate Wednesday night and found the lack of interest startling. In this day and age when cities in our state are filing bankruptcy we need to be sure who we will be voting for this November. After the debate, it is a clear choice that I will be voting for Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Morrillas. We need a town council that is fresh and full of hope for the future of our town and won't waste our tax money on pet projects that drive our local businesses elsewhere. Gary Liss has wasted my tax dollars on pet projects such as NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) lanes, a tree park and numerous lawsuits that have amounted to nothing but bad relations with our neighbors. We need a town council that will listen to the people of Loomis and have a clear direction in keeping our tax dollars in our town and spent on what will benefit the most people. If that is what you are looking for you need to vote for Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Morrillas. Linda Kelly, Loomis