Voting is a treasured freedom

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One of the most important things that I do for my country is to vote at every election. It is a freedom of choice that I treasure.

It may seem in a small town, like Loomis, that our vote is not important, but it is. This is your neighborhood, your everyday world.

We are entrusting those who are elected to make decisions on our behalf. We want the people who are going to be making these decisions to vote for our own town’s best interest as a whole. Nor for their own special interests.

We want people wh will listen tour concerns and standu up for our rights. We need people who will use sound, practical judgement, have the ability to reason correctly, stay focused on the important issues facing our town, and people who have community involvement and love Loomis as we do.

I am grateful for all your support when I served the Town of Loomis as a planning commissioner, councilmember, mayor and treasurer. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for the two candidates who meet this criterion – Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Nelthorpe-Morillas. It’s up to us folks. Vote.

Hazel Hineline, Loomis