Voters wise to rhetoric

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The opponents of Measure A would have us believe that only a small group of long-term council members are the only ones qualified and capable of leading and deeply caring for our town. They will do anything to try and convince residents of their scare tactics. But Loomis voters are smarter and wiser than that, and they have heard the rhetoric repeatedly, and they’re not buying it anymore. Measure A was put on the ballot by over 1,100 voters to empower Loomis residents to take back control of their council government and end the monopolization of decade’s long control. Serving that long in any public office is detrimental for any democratic municipality. The only ones believing otherwise are the long-term council members who want to hang onto their political seats for another 20-plus years, and their groupies. The long-term Council members have held absolute power with a majority voting block for entirely too long. It’s time to break up the cabal that exists in our council and prevent it from ever happening again. Vote yes on Measure A – Term Limits for the Loomis Town Council. It’s legal, it’s constitutional, and it’s democratic. Recycle the Loomis Town Council on Nov. 2. Sonja Cupler, Loomis