Vote for our big family

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Having lived in Loomis for 27 years, I have seen our town grow up and like many of the relatives around your Thanksgiving tables, the opinions and personalities vary. 

Gary Liss has demonstrated courage and passion by bringing forward ideas and policies that keep Loomis unique and ensure our neighboring community’s choices do not diminish our rural character.

Gary knows how government works and how to put healthy boundaries in place, respecting other cities choices even if he disagrees.

Gary brings the exposure of big city ideas to our small town so we the people can make decisions to integrate them into our character or not. Because he is out in the world beyond Loomis, Sacramento and the Bay Area, Gary is exposed to economic and ecological sustainability practices that have both worked and failed in other regions and small towns.  By presenting the best strategies to our town, Loomis can continue to be a town that supports our intergenerational community respecting our heritage while expanding our experiences together in the arts, music, nature and commerce.Vote for the big family around your Thanksgiving table with all its diversity, healthy boundaries and many choices. 

Vote for Gary Liss on Nov. 6.

Sue Flanagan Bordelon