Vote carefully

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In a recent Facebook exchange with me, Dave Wheeler said "In my opinion, the General Plan cannot be enforced on peoples' private property." This is an astonishing statement from someone running for town council. Council is under oath to uphold our governing documents. Our General Plan, required by state law, was painstakingly created by our residents. All our codes spring from it, including zoning. It's what keeps your neighbor from building a 7-11 next door. It provides certainty to property owners, as they know values are likely to be maintained when that 7-11 can't go anywhere someone wants. It has several required elements, some of which conflict with each other at times, so it is council's job to balance those elements. It is not, however, council's prerogative to ignore the General Plan. Electing someone who won't enforce our General Plan is like Catholics electing an atheist as Pope. Development will heat up again. Our General Plan, if respected and upheld, is what will keep Loomis from becoming another Rocklin. Vote carefully. Janet Thew, Loomis