Vandals target Loomis Grammar School sign

Letters taken, rearranged into other words, phrases
By: Martha Garcia, Loomis News Editor
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The Loomis Grammar School monument sign is not a giant Scrabble game. Unfortunately, that's exactly what the sign has become for vandals who have taken to stealing letters and rearranging them into words and phrases that aren't always cute. It's a great sign, a beautiful sign. I don't know why people feel it necessary to destroy it, said principal Rick Judd. The sign that faces Taylor Road was installed when the school was modernized two years ago. Since then, it's been vandalized at least four times. The sign is made of concrete, and its letters are not light. They're heavy, Judd pointed out. They're also expensive. According to Chris Angel, maintenance and operations supervisor for the Loomis Union School District, the cost of each letter is $25. That doesn't include the cost of manpower. It takes time to order, time to go out, and you have to drill holes and reglue the letters back on, Judd said. In an effort to thwart vandals, changes will be made to the sign. Instead of the three-dimensional letters, new flat letters will be mounted using a different technique that will make it harder to pry them off. Judd is confident Loomis Grammar students are not responsible for the vandalism. They take pride in our school. It saddens them to see those types of things, he said. Students in the sixth-grade class of Susan McQueen have strong opinions about what vandals have done to the sign. Ciara Smith doesn't think the rearranged words are cute. I don't really like it because sometimes it says names that we aren't, like ˜Miss Grammar School,'  she said. I'm not very happy about it. It kind of upsets me, said Courtney Hirota. And James Corbetty is unhappy about what the vandalism does to the school's image. People drive by and can't see what school it is. It makes our school look trashy, he said.