Two suspects arrested for Loomis home burglary

Stolen property included $35,000 Ducati motorcycle
By: Martha Garcia, Loomis News Editor
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Jon Roman is a very grateful man who has nothing but praise for the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. Within hours of reporting a burglary at his rural Loomis home yesterday, two men were arrested as suspects in the crime. Roman said sheriff’s detectives notified him about midnight that they had recovered his stolen property. “I’m just thrilled they were able to do it. The Sheriff’s Department did fantastic work,” Roman said. “We really, really appreciate their work.” Dena Erwin, Sheriff’s spokeswoman, said the suspects are William Howard Wright, of Auburn, and David Michael Young, an Auburn-area transient. The two men – who were arrested at 8:11 p.m. Thursday – are suspected of taking two motorcycles, electronics, two handguns and personal property from the Berg Lane home. Roman said that when he arrived home late Thursday afternoon, he noticed clothes strewn around the living room floor. “The first thought that crossed my mind was ‘this place looked like it has been ransacked,’” Roman said. But he dismissed the thought, he said, until he noticed that the back door, which is always locked, was open. Roman said that’s when he realized the home had been broken into and he called the sheriff’s office. He said deputies were at his home within 10 minutes. Roman feels the burglars had been casing the home and knew the homeowner's schedule. “They had all day” to go through the house, he said. The burglars, Roman said, entered through a bedroom window. Erwin said the California Highway Patrol airplane and Falcon 30, the sheriff’s helicopter, were in the air and within hours of the 5:38 p.m. call the CHP airplane crew spotted one of the motorcycles west of Highway 49 near Bell Road in the Auburn area. The motorcycle was followed to a Wise Road home, where the driver parked the motorcycle. “The airplane crew caught two males get into a truck at the Wise Road home, and begin to pull out of driveway. Our helicopter, Falcon 30, lit up scene from air, and both occupants of the truck, which included the driver of the motorcycle, were arrested,” Erwin said. According to Erwin, Young, 35, was charged with burglary, committing a felony while out on bail, receiving stolen property and conspiracy. Wright, 29, was charged with burglary, taking a vehicle without the owners’ permission, possession of a controlled substance, conspiracy, receiving known stolen property and possession of a stolen vehicle. Roman is impressed, and thankful, for the sheriff’s speediness. “I want to commend the sheriff’s unit, especially the sheriff’s substation. Those guys did fantastic work,” Roman said.