Tree ordinance not good idea

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The Town of Loomis is considering a new tree ordinance that will have an enormous impact on private property rights. Some of the issues worthy of your attention: The ordinance was written by an arborist and for the lay person; it is extremely difficult to read and therefore be in compliance with. The ordinance is punitive in nature; it establishes a penalty matrix, which could cost you thousands of dollars if you are not in compliance. It could result in you hiring an arborist to authorize you to prune or remove a tree on your property. The ordinance will create a neighbor-versus-neighbor mentality. If your neighbor doesn’t like what you are doing on your property, he just needs to call the town. Isn’t there enough of this going on already? My suggestions: Shelf the ordinance and find a common-sense approach to tree preservation in Loomis. Use education and information to guarantee compliance. Rewrite the ordinance to make it less punitive and more educational. Create and provide a compact disc to all residents explaining the importance of tree preservation in Loomis. The real question is: What kind of town do we want to live in? It should be your choice. Vic Markey, Loomis