Town term limit change needed

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It is disturbing to me that Mayor Walt Scherer would have us believe that hatred is the reason promoters of term limits would put forth the issue to voters. He seems to fear it so much that he tries to intimidate voters by citing the expense of an election. Now Miguel Ucovich tries to convince us that we don’t need term limits because only a few cities have it. Is this all self-serving or what? Signing a petition cannot restrict our right to vote. The petition allows voters to decide whether we want a change in our town government. The petition first allows citizen input. If enough signatures are collected, the petition goes before the town council. The council can accept the petition or refuse it. If they accept the petition, term limits go into effect. If they reject it, the issue goes before the voters in an election. As their current terms expire, Mayor Scherer and Rhonda Morillas will each have served 20 years and Miguel Ucovich 12 years. We’ve all seen the use of political power and control at its worst, whether it’s at the local, state or national level. Change is needed. Joyce Kelley Loomis