Town should not pay for Noorani's decision

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As sympathetic as I am to Mr. Noorani's situation and the importance of Homewood to Loomis, the Town should not be made to pay for the bad business decision he made when purchasing the proposed Homewood property on Brace Road and Sierra College Boulevard. Should the Town of Loomis pay $1.7 million for these 3.8 acres of undevelopable and ecologically unimportant land? No! This would be a terrible precedent for the town to set. After seeing Mr. Noorani’s absurd proposal, what concessions will the developers of the Villages and the Marketplace expect the town to give them? The combination of the recent Montserrat decision and this Homewood relocation demonstrate that the majority of the current Loomis politicians respond more to developers’ desires and threats than to the best interests of the citizens. Approval of this proposal would require a complete disregard for our policies and ordinances – policies and ordinances created by and for the residents of Loomis, not to be ignored at the whim of Council. The dollar value that Mr. Noorani places on his wetlands acreage, essentially a business liability, is outrageous. Clearly it is hardly developable (something which he should have investigated before purchasing) and therefore it is nowhere near as valuable as his estimate based on his inflated purchase price. From a recreational perspective it would provide nothing comparable to the price tag. We could certainly get more bang for the buck elsewhere; $1.7 million could make a nice park or open space at a more logical place in town. The only thing this property really offers is aesthetics and the Army Corp of Engineers will require that the land be preserved anyway. As much as we would like to retain Homewood and its tax revenue, this proposal is neither equitable nor reasonable. Kim Fettke Loomis