Town has funds for splash pad

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The splash pad that was proposed for the train park downtown was turned down by the Park, Recreation and Open Space committee because it was said it was a waste of water. No one on the committee had any facts regarding the amount of water that would be used. The spray pad would use 150 gallons of water an hour and a maximum of 1200 gallons a day. A home in Sunrise-Loomis use that much water during the summer. The only people who spoke at the commission and council meetings on this subject were parents who supported the spray pad. Is it too much to ask that the water for one home be used to provide an enjoyable experience to the youth of Loomis? I hope that the construction of the spray pad will be reconsidered since the Town has over $100,000 in park money and the pad only costs $40,000. Please continue to send your letters of support for the spray pad to the Town Council. Miguel Ucovich Loomis Town Councilman