Top board aide arrested for stealing from DA

Jagger allegedly took $15,000
By: Jenifer Gee Journal News Editor
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A top aide for Supervisor Kirk Uhler was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing over $15,000 from the District Attorney-elect’s campaign account. Friday afternoon Scott Owens, who was recently elected as the next Placer County District Attorney, called the Journal to release a statement regarding the arrest of Brian Jagger. Jagger, who is listed as the district director for Uhler, worked as Owens’ campaign treasurer. In that role, he had signing authority over the campaign account, Owens said. Owens declined to say when he discovered the alleged theft or how, citing the pending investigation, but said investigators estimate that Jagger allegedly took over $15,000 from Owens’ campaign account. “Money from my campaign account was improperly diverted for personal use by an individual I had trusted with handling these funds,” Owens said in a prepared statement Friday. “I have referred this matter to law enforcement agencies and I am taking steps to recover the funds.” Owens also declined to say how Jagger was spending the money. He said investigators are still looking through paperwork and bank statements. Owens said he’s known Jagger for three years and said he thinks it was Uhler who introduced him to Jagger. When asked if there are other suspects in the case, Owens said “not to my knowledge.” Owens said his office is referring the matter to the California Attorney General’s Office. “It’s disappointing,” Owens said. “We are obviously cooperating with the law enforcement agencies that are investigating.” Jagger was reportedly contacted at a class in Auburn Friday, brought to the Auburn Justice Center and subsequently arrested, according to Dena Erwin, Placer County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman. Erwin said he was booked into Placer County Jail on a charge of grand theft. “Scott Owens came directly to the Sheriff’s Office when he noticed the discrepancy in his campaign fund,” Erwin said Friday. “So the Sheriff’s Office started the investigation and we arrested him today.” Uhler said he learned of Jagger’s arrest Friday evening after he received a phone call from county CEO Tom Miller. “It’s a complete surprise,” Uhler said Friday. “I’m shocked and I’m obviously concerned for Brian. I’m concerned for everybody involved.” Uhler said he didn’t know if he introduced Jagger to Owens. “Scott is a public figure working in the county,” Uhler said. “I don’t know how they met.” When asked whether Uhler noticed any extravagant purchases Jagger may have made recently, Uhler declined to comment. He added that Jagger has had no access to any county funds. “I know nothing other than what I’ve learned in the last 30 minutes,” Uhler said. “Brian has been a friend since he was 14 years old so learning this is obviously difficult so I don’t want to comment beyond that.” Reach Jenifer Gee at