Time to turn the page on old calendars

Local stores offer customers a clean slate with 2010 calendars
By: Martha Garcia, Loomis News Editor
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Leave your 2009 worries and woes behind, 2010 is here. It’s time to toss out that old calendar and start the next year with a clean, uncluttered slate. You can find calendars for every taste anywhere, not just at office supply stores. From the 99-cent variety, to elegantly lithographed works of art, to desktop and appointment calendars, the choices are endless. The best calendar, however, is the one you get for free. Main Drug Store is one of the few businesses that still gives calendars away. “We’ve been doing it for years, way back,” said Gordon Takemoto, co-owner and pharmacist at the 65-year-old Loomis establishment. “We do it for advertising, and customer appreciation,” he said. According to Main Drug co-owner Joanne Takemoto, she’ll place the order for 2011 calendars early next year. “They want to get their orders; I have to get it in by April,” she said. Even though providing calendars can get expensive, Main Drug has done it for years as a way to thank “our good customers,” she said. Clara Hada said she has noticed during the six years she’s been a clerk at the store that “everyone really appreciates” getting a calendar. Customer Howard Stitt picked up his Main Drug calendar earlier this month. “It even has symbols that indicate what day the fish may be biting,” Stitt said. At other businesses, calendars are reserved for clients. Jackie DeMartini, owner of JC Bookkeeping Services, gives pocket calendars to her clients for record keeping. “I give it to them to keep track of where they’re going and why they’re going, so they have their mileage and meal deductions,” she said. Keeping track of every deductible mile will be especially important in 2010, DeMartini said, because the Internal Revenue Service mileage deduction is dropping to 50 cents per mile. That’s 5 cents less than last year and way down from the 58-cent-per-mile deduction that was allowed in the latter half of 2008, she said. While calendars help keep track of mileage and meal expenses, she advised, you’ll still need a receipt in order to deduct those meals on your income tax form. Some calendars, such as the ones produced annually by the Master Gardeners of Placer County, are also full of “how-to” advice. “Dollars & Sense Gardening – Making Wise Choices” is the theme of Master Gardeners’ 2010 calendar. For first-time gardeners wondering where to start, it includes a “What to Plant” list every month. For novice gardeners, both the Master Gardener Hotline number and the University of California Integrated Pest Management Web site are listed each month to provide answers to many gardening questions. For the avid gardener, reminders of important gardening tasks to be performed each month are included. The calendars are $10 each. In Loomis, they are available at Foothill Feed & Gift, High-Hand Nursery, Freeman’s, Bakers Nursery and Flower Farm Nursery. Sherri Fischer, co-owner of the Flower Farm Nursery, finds the calendar very helpful. “What’s good about it,” Fischer said, “is that it’s all about the area.” Tips apply to gardening in Placer, Nevada and El Dorado counties. “It tell you what you need to be doing, and what you can plant, even in January,” she pointed out. “They give you a ton of little hints.” There’s an added benefit. “It has beautiful photographs,” she said of the monthly full-color images by local horticulture and photography enthusiasts.