They care about the needs of Loomis

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I’m voting for Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Nelthorpe-Morillas for Loomis Town Council, and here’s why. They both represent leadership, integrity, fiscal responsibility and limited government. They will work hard to protect our rural, small-town lifestyle and values, and use our limited tax dollars to improve roads and public safety. They will equally respect every Loomis citizen and not act in an arrogant or condescending manner when citizens voice their opinions. They will encourage neighborhood businesses in Loomis to grow and thrive, and they will oppose needless regulations that kill business and jobs. They will oppose Council efforts that waste Town finances and resources on pet projects and legal fees, and will oppose needless efforts and regulations that detract from our small town environment. Their opponent, Gary Liss, has been busy fixing things in Loomis that don’t need to be fixed – like how our garbage is collected/recycled – and ignoring the things in Loomis that currently need to be addressed – repairing our roads and sidewalks. So, please join me in voting for Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Nelthorpe-Morillas, because they care about the true needs of Loomis and its citizens. Sonja Cupler, Loomis