Term limits to be on November ballot

Petition omission allows council to decide
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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The Loomis Town Council has put term limits on the November ballot after the county clerk noted an unintentional omission from the proponents’ petition. At the Jan. 11 council meeting, Term Limits for Loomis committee members said they were not aware and were not informed that on the face of their petition it needed to include “a request that the ordinance be immediately submitted to a vote of the people at a special election.” Both Sonja Cupler and Barbara Burklow, who along with former Loomis Mayor Tom Millward circulated the petition that received 1,200 signatures, told council they verbally informed all signers that their intent was to put the ordinance on the June 8, 2010 ballot. They asked the council to put the initiative on the June ballot as planned. Town staff noted that, at this time, no other local initiative is scheduled to go on the ballot and it would cost the town $6 per voter, or if half of those registered voted, $12,000. Staff said it would be a total cost of $204 to include the item on the November General Election ballot. Council voted to include the issue on the November ballot when the cost would be significantly less and the voter turnout would be greater. Read more in next week’s Loomis News.