Supports Gary Liss on town council

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Disclaimer: I am voting for Gary Liss for Loomis Town Council this November because Gary will stand up for Loomis to ensure that Loomis retains the culture and character that we all love, and to support our businesses and residents. However, in this letter I am asking that all residents to please be kind during this campaign and at public meetings. I love our small town and our small town atmosphere. Let’s focus on the good aspects of living in a small town, and resist the negative cliché of infighting. I know that all of our Town Council and Planning Commission members are doing what they think is best for our community. I don’t always agree with their decisions, but I respect and appreciate them for their dedication and volunteer commitment to our community. It saddens me to attend public meetings and see my town neighbors disrespecting each other. It saddens me to read personal attacks in the newspaper editorials. I know that we all get passionate about things that we care about, but all residents deserve respect and consideration. I realize that I am risking being considered hypocritical in writing this because I am not perfect in this regard myself. There is enough negativity in the world; we don’t need more of it here in our own town. Please be involved, please express your thoughts and opinions, and most importantly, please vote. But let’s please try to keep our public dialogue respectful. Kim Fettke Loomis