Sunset Whitney Country Club under new management

Formerly private golf course not open to public
By: Andrew Hazard, Courtesy to the Herald
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It was recently learned that Sunset Whitney Country Club, Rocklin, was sold to Charley Gibson, who made the purchase in partnership with one other businessman, unnamed. The property was bank-owned when purchased by Gibson. The club opened under new management, June 15. The new general manager is Jerrel Grow. Grow said the course would no longer be private and would be open seven days a week for public play. “We’re one hundred percent open to the public now,” Grow said. “We’re honoring the country club membership straight through June, until July first.” Grow said members could then purchase a pass to play if they should choose to do so. The Monday through Thursday rates for the general public would be $36, $39 on Fridays, and $49 on weekends and holidays. Seniors would be eligible for a $4 discount Monday through Friday. Grow said during these tough economic times it was necessary to make the course available to the public. He said, with the public’s help the formula they have for success would work; Grow said it was the only situation that would work for financial security. “There’s a lot of fringe country clubs where most of them cannot sustain the bills, and here at Sunset Whitney that was just the case,” said Grow. “The membership could not sustain what it would cost to run the place.” he said. Gibson also owns Morgan Creek Golf Course in Roseville, and Wild Horse in Davis. Sunset Whitney Golf Club is located at 4201 Midas Ave., Rocklin. “We’re hoping to make this place better,” Grow said. “We are planning to improve the golf course. We’re golfers, we love the game.” Grow added it is nice to be associated with people who enjoy golf as much as he does. Grow said it is the love of the game that draws people to a career connected to the sport. “That’s really why all of us get into this business, because of that passion for the game,” Grow said. “Sometimes we lose it along the way but whether you get in it as a golfing professional, a teaching professional, assistant pro, general manager, you get into it because you really love the game.” Gibson and Grow have known each other for about 10 years. Grow said that was one of the key reasons why he was excited to accept the position as the new general manager. He has been working with Gibson, an accomplished golfer in his own right, for the past two years He said Gibson loves the game and has a real passion for it. Sunset Whitney opened in the early 1960s. Not only is there a golf course, but there are tennis courts, as well. It is a nice place to hold banquets, parties, or weddings; Sunset Whitney also hosts a summer junior golf program. The country club’s event calendar can be found at Grow said at one time Sunset Whitney was one of the premier country clubs in the Sacramento area. “It’s held a PGA Tour event and it has a very long and rich history,” he said. “Our current superintendant previously owned it.” Grow wants to make the country club as popular as it used to be. He said what makes Sunset Whitney unique compared to other country clubs is the fact that it is just a fun golf course. He said it is a great place for a round of golf. Grow is pleased with the direction the country club is headed. “It has a lot of history in the community here and we’re aware,” he said, “we appreciate it just like they do. We want to keep that history and reputation going.” Although Grow recognizes they will be in direct competition with the Diamond Oaks and Whitney Oaks of the world, he feels anyone who plays those course, and Sunset Whitney, would say Sunset Whitney County Club has the better golf course. They are proud of the product they are creating at Sunset Whitney. “We know that we’re going to be successful,” said Grow. “We have a great maintenance crew and we’re going to have a great time selling this place.” Grow said that this gives Gibson and him a great advantage as they begin their journey at Sunset Whitney Country Club.