The Sucker Ravine Saga

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The Loomis Town Council “reality show” has a new episode titled “The Sucker Ravine Saga.” Previous episodes have been “Fees For Trees,” “The Food Police,” and the “D.E.V. – Department of Electric Vehicles.” The latest presentation covers a direction to town staff to design a trail system from Sierra College Boulevard along Sucker Ravine to join the now famous Heritage Park subdivision – also known to many as the “Fees For Trees” park. The staff must obtain property owner easements, (no cost stated) and construct the trail next year (no cost estimate), but with $92,000 available in passive park funds. Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up. Do we really need a $92,000 trail along the Sucker Ravine? I think the good taxpayers of Loomis may be the real suckers. Gordon Harris, Loomis