Students can express themselves at Del Oro poetry slam

Senior project by Amee Catalano
By: Kesley Carter, Special to the Loomis News
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Name: Amee Catalano Age: 18 School: Del Oro High School College/career goals: Wants a career that enables her to help people. Hopes to major in women's studies Senior project: Poetry slam on March 26 A recent trip to Guatemala has inspired Amee Catalano’s senior project. “I went on a volunteer trip to Guatemala where I helped an indigenous village find their own inner voices through art,” Amee said. After studying the culture and seeing how art was a crucial part of Guatemala, Amee wanted to bring that spirit back with her. “I will be organizing a poetry slam that will ultimately promise self-expression. My goal is to teach my peers and our community the importance of using your ‘inner voice’ instead of hiding it,” she said, Starting in December, Amee began making plans to conduct her own poetry slam that would allow students to voice their thoughts and opinions. “By conducting this project I have learned that there is a wide range of inner voices out in our community! Some of the poets have shown me their poems — and it’s amazing how diverse we are,” she said. In past years, poetry slams have proven to give students a sense of artistry, allowing them to freely express themselves. Connie Somers, a Del Oro English teacher, feels that an event like this will encourage students to express themselves through poetry. “Because it combines creative writing with performance, as well as encouraging personal expression, slam competitions truly empower students in a way that transcends expression,” she said. At least 20 student volunteers and others are expected to attend this event. “These volunteers will make this poetry slam possible! They will be writing a poem and performing it in front of an audience,” Amee said. This poetry slam will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 26, in the Del Oro Performing Arts Center. Pre-sale tickets will be $2; admission at the door will be $3. Half the proceeds will go to the Mayan Center for Peace, and the balance will go to the Del Oro English department. “When I get to hear and experience the inner voices of my peers, I’m sure that it will go to beyond unique,” Amee said.