Students ask McClintock to show the love by ending corporate tax loopholes

By: Scott Thomas Anderson, Editor
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With the youth vote being a hot topic in Republican circles, a small group of Sierra College students dropped by Congressman Tom McClintock’s office on Valentine’s Day to announce in no uncertain terms how the party could win their affections. The message was simple — end corporate tax loopholes and reinvest the extra money for the betterment of Placer County.

The students were part of the advocacy group California Fair Share, which holds the mission statement of spreading tax burden equally between citizens and multi-billion dollar companies. Just after lunch on Feb. 14, members Patrick Stelmach, Hailie Ingman, Brandon Acuna and Coby Howarth showed up to McClintock’s field office in Granite Bay with a 6-foot high Valentine’s Day card signed by hundreds of Placer County voters.

“We’re calling on Congressman McClintock to be Placer’s Valentine by helping close corporate tax loopholes and off-shore tax havens,” Stelmach told The Press Tribune. “The added revenue could be used to stave off cutting important programs for Placer County, bolstering our education needs or spur Roseville’s revitalization.”

Stelmach added that, while McClintock has publicly criticized corporate tax loops, California Fair Share would like to see direct action from the congressman in the form of demanding House Majority Leader John Boehner end the “abuses” before the next federal budget is passed.

“It’s a common sense solution to balance our books,” Stelmach observed. “Billion dollar companies like Google and General Electric are doing everything they can to avoid paying taxes, shifting the burden on the American consumers.”

State and federal budget woes have had a direct impact on Howarth, who says he’s seen the number of classes being offered at Sierra College continue to shrink this year.

“Maybe if these loopholes were closed we would be in a better position to keep those classes,” Howarth said.

McClintock was out of Placer County on business when the students walked into his office with their massive Valentine’s card. The congressman’s press secretary, Bill George, came out to accept the pink, heart-shaped petition.

“This is a chance for Congressman McClintock to be the whole county’s Valentine by stepping up,” Stelmach told George. “Hundreds of residents have signed this card and want the unfair practices to end.”

George’s only comment was to offer the college students Valentine’s-themed cookies and cupcakes before they left.

For Ingman and Acuna, making the symbolic gesture was worth the time it took that afternoon.

“It doesn’t make sense to force regular people like us to shoulder all of the tax burden while companies with that kind of money have a way to get out of paying,” Acuna said. “It’s not fair and it doesn’t seem right.”