Stop wasteful spending

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We need to stop the wasteful spending that is going on with Gary Liss on the Council. Our community does not need NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) lanes or a tree park. We also need to preserve a working relationship with our neighboring communities instead of making them our enemies through lawsuits. Mr. Liss has ignored the opinions of the majority and proceeded with his own agenda. It is time to put a stop to this. We are in support of Dave Wheeler for Loomis Town Council. We have known Dave on a personal level for numerous years. We can say without a doubt that he is an honest and wise person, who has much experience in leadership and money management through his career and community service. He is committed to utilizing our hard-earned tax dollars in an effort to better our community for all Loomis residents instead of just a small few. He will also listen to and support the voice of the majority of our community members. We are also in support of Rhonda Morillas for the very same reasons. Wes and Melanie Beddes, Loomis