Statement about Ucovich was incorrect

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Mr. Jarnagin is totally incorrect in his letter to the editor when he wrote, “In doing so they even went after Greg Fellers whose many years of giving to the Loomis community is legendary. This is a common practice of Liss, Scherer, Ucovich and their supporters who choose to demonize anyone who disagrees with them.” I have always had the highest regard for Mr. Fellers. We worked together on the incorporation committee that formed the town over 25 years ago. It was Mr. Fellers who appointed me to the Loomis Planning Commission. Recently, I worked with Mr. Fellers and the fire district in preventing the benefit assessment concept, which they used. I have never said a negative word about Mr. Fellers and take it as a personal affront that Mr. Jarnagin says I did. His statement is totally incorrect. Miguel Ucovich Loomis Town Council Member