Speeders need to slow down

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I am a long-time property owner in Loomis and live on King Road. From Auburn Folsom Road to Penryn Road speeders can go at any speed they want and they do, only to have to stop at Penryn Road. Then they rev up to make the run from Penryn to Taylor. Even though the Sheriffs say they are watching for speeders, an hour a day won't cut it and the Sheriffs can't be everywhere. About a week ago my neighbor’s dog was hit on King Road. This dog never goes in the road and my neighbor had a flashlight and was screaming. The person hit her dog and knew they had hit something, (it could have been a child) but they didn't stop they just kept speeding . With all the children and adults that cross the street to go from one park to the other, it is just a matter of time.Many of us have complained over the years and we are told they will see how much traffic there is, but never a mention of something so simple as a few speed bumps along the way. Judy Roux, Loomis