Speed up security screenings

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I am getting very tired of the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and her politically correct screening at our airports that does not allow profiling of people who have identical characteristics with almost all the aircraft bomber crazies. Instead, I am profiled and selected for special attention because my artificial knee rings the winning buzzer every time. Not just once in while, but every time. How many times must I, with my artificial knee, jump through magnetized hoops to be greeted by a buzzer that announces the next severe fondling. How long must I go before a full body scanner so that a TSA minion can examine the fine tailoring on my Emperor’s clothes? Why, madam Secretary, must I, a septuagenarian who has none of those profile characteristics, continue to be subjected to indignities in the name of political correctness? Instead, can’t we hasten the security screening line by having a “safe profile” for really old folks, babies in swaddling clothes and other worthies who are least likely to blow up an aircraft? I would not mind being profiled in that way, for we know who the enemy is. It ain’t me madam. It ain’t me! Denis Golemis, Rocklin