Signal light at Swetzer and King roads to reduce traffic congestion

Town says process will take a year
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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A new traffic signal being planned for the intersection of Swetzer and King roads is expected to relieve traffic congestion. “It’s a great thing,” said Steve Dietz, owner of West Pacific Cabinets in Loomis, when asked about the signal. “There’s a quarter-mile backup on Swetzer at 5 p.m. It takes forever to get to King,” Dietz added. The Town of Loomis is paying the design firm of Kimley-Horn & Associates $20,000 to prepare the improvement plans, specifications and estimates for the new four-way stoplight. Perry Beck, town manager, said the signal and accompanying minor roadwork are expected to cost approximately $250,000. He said the cost will be split equally between the town and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds. According to Brian Fragiao, director of public works, the design and approval process for the light will take about a year because of the logistics involved. “It’s a complicated signal because it has to match up with the railroad crossing and the light at Taylor Road. Big trucks have to be able to get all the way through before the lights change,” Fragiao said. Fragiao said the signal must be approved by the Public Utilities Commission because conduit for the stoplight will run under the railroad tracks. The office of Duarte Construction sits at the junction of the Swetzer and King. Jade Acosta, the company controller, said, “From 7:30 a.m. on you can’t get into our driveway if you’re making a left-hand turn.” Stephen White, Duarte superintendent, said, “Sometimes you can sit in our driveway forever waiting to make a turn or cross over to Swetzer, between the school traffic and rush hour. The light will definitely help us out.” As part of their services, Kimley-Horn’s proposal stated the company will develop up to three timing plans to include weekday morning, evening and off-peak periods and the company will provide interconnect design on King between