Say no to Penryn apartments

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As a future next-door neighbor of this high-density housing project, which is in the process of being approved for 150 apartments and 375 parking spaces on approximately 15 acres of land right in the heart of Penryn, my vexation extends not only to the increase in crime, traffic, noise and air pollution that will undeniably follow, but to the ridiculous inconsistencies with the planning department concerning this venture. Possibly the most hazardous of these inconsistencies is the location of the proposed exit road. Chosen at a blind corner on busy Taylor Road, the planning department allowed the complex to place their exit for over 375 cars at a blind spot in the road; yet, they deemed that this exact location was too dangerous for the driveway of my own single family home due to the same blind corner. Additionally, upon building my own home, regulations dictated only trees less than 6-inch in diameter could be cut, thereby preserving older oaks. For this project however, the minimum diameter has been extended to anything less than 24 inches, allowing them get rid of over 7.5 acres of trees, and only having to preserve two trees. Our rural community will be destroyed if we don’t stop this high-density housing project. For more information visit Gabby Uppal, Penryn