Save Loomis

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I love Loomis. My non-local friends are envious of me for living here. I've lived here for 41 years; graduated from Loomis Grammar and Del Oro High. I brought my bride here 30 years ago and together we raised our five daughters in Loomis. Professionally, I'm a financial advisor. But there is a problem. Loomis is changing for the worse, because there are certain members of this town council who are not doing what you hope they would do, unless you want the politics of Berkeley, San Francisco and Davis in your small town. Please stop wasting our tax dollars on your ill-conceived feel-good projects, incumbent Gary Liss. Our roads are a mess. The striping is barely visible, making them unsafe. Gary Liss would rather waste your money on a study to install golf cart lanes. Wise thinking Loomis citizens, who love this town, and it's rural values and who embrace freedom and your rights as property owners, need to unite and cast your votes for Dave Wheeler. Dave has no hidden agenda. A vote for Dave Wheeler is a vote for you, your family and this wonderful town. I love Loomis. I'm voting for Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Morillas. Brian Mishler, Loomis