Save holiday e-waste for school drive

Letters to the editor
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Bought any new electronics over the holidays? Please save your old electronics for our E-Waste Drive. All of your old electronics can be recycled at Loomis Basin Education Foundation's annual e-waste drive on Saturday, April 21, at Loomis Grammar School on Taylor Road. Many electronics contain toxic components such as cadmium, lead & mercury that can be harmful to human health and the environment if discarded with the rest of your household garbage. This can eventually get into groundwater or nearby waterways. Do the right thing for our environment and recycle it. We are teaming up with CEAR, Inc., a California state approved electronic waste collector and recycler. For optimal security, CEAR, Inc. completely shreds all computer hard drives. The money raised during the drive will be used to fund programs for our students in the Loomis Union School District. Last year nearly 45,000 pounds of e-waste was collected at our drive and raised $3,800! More information, go to Carolyn Petree, Loomis