Rodeo is cruel

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In any other situation, outlandish cruelty found in rodeo events would bring animal cruelty arrests. False hype about tradition, heritage or bravery conceals barbaric torture and exploitation of innocent beings. It cannot be allowed to continue. Ranchers never snapped calves’ necks. Horse “breaking” trained horses not to buck. Bulls were never ridden. But rodeo induces animal panic via tightly cinched flank straps, spurring, side raking, and not-so-secret electric shocking. Jerking calves’ necks was antiseptically re-named “tie down.” Any ranch hand who practiced that would be fired on the spot. Plus, it’s unnatural for these babies to come straight out the gate at a dead run. Bulls are often treated even worse because audiences are brainwashed to demonize “big, bad bulls” for the “show” and try to make heroes of riders. With unnatural steer wrestling and the multitude of injuries inflicted or death. No, they are not all reported as legally required, it’s time to ban rodeo forever. Unnecessary, glorified torture is perpetuated on helpless victims for greed. From electric shocking, tail raking, ear pulling, to many other clandestine acts of cruelty, rodeo’s sadistic animal torture has no place in a civilized society. Katie Cather, Loomis