Rocklin's development creating environmental problems in Loomis

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Of interest to the community is a letter that several residents of Dias Lane in Loomis have sent to Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. regarding the proposed developments by the City of Rocklin. Our street borders the Rocklin Crossings and the Rocklin 60 projects, and all of us living here will be negatively impacted by these developments. We have great concern that Rocklin’s developments will create environmental problems of traffic, air pollution, water pollution (into the protected salmon habitat of Secret Ravine Creek), flooding hazards, noise and light pollution, wildlife endangerment, and ultimately, more global warming from the increased impacts these developments will engender out the I-80 corridor to the east of Rocklin. The City of Rocklin is refusing to consider the cumulative regional impact of all these projects on both Rocklin and Loomis. The Rocklin Crossings EIR fails to address the impacts of global warming on the project and how the project will in turn generate more global warming. Mr. Brown has created AB32, which is intended to look at communities that are creating situations that will cause global warming. We have asked Attorney General Brown to investigate abuses by the City of Rocklin on the CEQA process. Rocklin is ignoring the rights and quality of life of a neighboring jurisdiction. We hope that his office can assist us with making our voices heard. Frank and Jane Parker Loomis