Rocklin developments will have 'negative impacts' on Loomis

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Our family, like many others, chose to live in Loomis because of its quaint, small-town atmosphere and the beautiful countryside surrounding it. This quiet, rural lifestyle is now threatened by several huge commercial developments planned by Rocklin to be built on Sierra College Blvd. on the very border of Loomis. The largest of these is the Rocklin Crossings mega shopping center, including a Super Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Kohl's, PetSmart and many other stores. Rocklin Crossings and its neighboring Rocklin 60 development will both be adjacent to Dias Lane in Loomis, a rural neighborhood zoned residential/agricultural. Another large commercial center is approved near the Chevron station (on Sierra College Blvd.near I-80), directly adjacent to many Loomis homes on Brace Road. Yet another project in the same area would include a Target store and theaters. Obviously, these proposed developments will negatively affect the quality of life and home values of Loomis residents on Dias Lane and Brace Road. Unfortunately, the negative impacts will not stop there. The economic impact on Loomis was not addressed in the Rocklin Crossings environmental impact report. The cumulative negative effects of light, noise and air pollution will impact the area for miles around. Traffic congestion will certainly overflow onto Loomis roads as motorists try to avoid the traffic mess on Sierra College Blvd. Over the years, traffic jams on I-80 have spread from Sacramento, to Roseville, to Hwy. 65, and now possibly to the Sierra College Blvd./ I-80 interchange. However, none of this has to happen. The Rocklin City Council will meet on September 22nd to decide whether or not to approve the Rocklin Crossings project. Until then, anyone can send e-mails or letters to the Rocklin City Council, urging them not to approve this intrusive development. I would also encourage Loomis residents to join me in voting for Gary Liss for Loomis Town Council. He has been a strong voice for preserving the unique character of Loomis while promoting local businesses. As residents of this beautiful foothill area, we must act now- or live with the consequences of more urban sprawl, pollution and traffic. Lisa Pywtorak