Rocklin Crossings vote put off

Rocklin Council to recirculate EIR and vote in September
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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The Rocklin City Council has delayed a vote on the controversial Rocklin Crossings until September, according to Loomis Town Manager Perry Beck. Beck said he was informed by Loomis special counsel Don Mooney of the decision. During the June 10 Rocklin City Council meeting, Carlos Urrutia, Rocklin city manager, presented a memo to the Rocklin council requesting a continuance of the Rocklin Crossings project. “The continuance is necessary," Urrutia's memo stated, "to recirculate some sections of the Rocklin Crossings Environmental Impact Report.” It further stated that, “there have been numerous indications that should the project be approved, it will be litigated. In anticipation of future litigation and based on consultation with the City Attorney, staff believes that it is in the City’s best interest to recirculate portions of the EIR.” Beck said that a meeting was held last week with the Rocklin Borders Committee to discuss impending projects along the Rocklin/Loomis border. Beck, along with Russ Kelley, Loomis mayor, and Walt Scherer, Loomis councilman, met with Urrutia and Rocklin council members Peter Hill and Kathy Lund. “They were interested in discussing traffic improvements and impacts on Sierra College Boulevard. The conclusion was to have more talks,” Beck said. Beck said the next step will be for the Loomis Council to decide at their July meeting what issues they want discussed with the Rocklin borders committee. The Loomis council has voiced concerns about all of the projects planned for the Sierra College corridor which include Rocklin Crossings, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, movie theaters and other large stores. Loomis residents living near the border are worried about traffic, noise, lights, pollution, quality of life and lower property values. The next Loomis Town Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 8 at town hall.