Rockin councilwoman supports Doug Ose

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There are a lot of comments thrown around during this election time regarding earmarks and how bad they are. Not all earmarks are bad. If Congressman Doolittle had not fought for earmarks for the I-80 congestion problem, we would all still be sitting in our cars at Roseville. He managed to get $72 million for us. There are still three phases needed to finish the I-80 bottleneck. The final phase, 3B, currently has no finding. If Senator McClintock is elected our Congressman, there will be no earmark for Placer County to help fund these needed improvements. Congressman Ose, on the other hand, will actively fight for money for the improvements. I do not make the rules. I only try to get what is best for Placer County, playing by the rules. Sitting by and letting all the money go elsewhere is not in our best interest. I'm voting for Ose for 4th Congressional District. He will look out for us. Kathy Lund Rocklin councilwoman