Restore fiscal integrity

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I’m supporting Dave Wheeler for Loomis Town Council because I’m convinced he cares deeply about maintaining Loomis’ small town charm and he has the financial savvy to restore our fiscal integrity. Loomis has $43 million in unfunded road improvements and repairs that should be performed between now and the year 2020. We don’t have money to pave our roads that are literally falling apart. Drive down Taylor Road between High Hand and Sierra College Boulevard. Mr. Wheeler’s opponent, Gary Liss, states “the town has no debt and has millions in the bank.” If we have millions in the bank then why isn’t it being spent on road repairs? Could it be that it is hard to turn $2 million (our undedicated general fund reserves) into $43 million? If Mr. Liss paid more attention to running the basic functions of our town we wouldn’t be in this position. Loomis doesn’t need more development to have enough money to provide the basic functions of government. We need people who know how to prioritize, balance a budget and provide long-term sound planning for our town. Dave Wheeler knows how to do that and that’s why I’m voting for Dave and Rhonda Nelthorpe Morillas.

Randy Elder, Loomis