Reader takes issue with Bud's Beat 'lies'

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I’ve lived in Loomis for 26 years and have subscribed to the Loomis News a good portion of that time. I’ve read the Bud’s Beat column as long as it has been in your paper and have realized all along that the person who writes it is a “die-hard” liberal and that’s all well and good. He has the right to express his opinion just like everyone else. But he should not be allowed to write “outright” lies about his opposition and campaign for any particular candidate in your newspaper! In the Aug. 28 edition of the Loomis News, he says (and this is a lie): “Even the two presidential candidates quarrel about what to do. One, an old military man, wants retaliation; the other seeks a diplomatic solution. This is an “outright” lie. John McCain does not advocate going to war with Russia! This statement was written by Mr. Pisarek to attract votes for Barack Obama, which in my opinion, shows that your newspaper is campaigning for Barack Obama. I and every conservative individual should be offended by these remarks and your newspaper should not print them. And seeing that you, the editor, requested me, the citizen, to write you about this matter, I choose to complain about a couple of other issues in regards to this article. Mr. Pisarek insinuates that God, “the Landlord,” chose his candidates to bring about “change and hope.” Personally, I don’t think God had anything to do with the choice. It was Mr. Pisarek and his fellow Democrats who made that choice. Last but not least, Mr. Pisarek brings up the “race card” as all good liberals do, when he states that God, “the Landlord,” made his candidate “too dark,” insinuating that his candidate has an unfair advantage in his presidential campaign. Edward Summers Loomis