READER INPUT Wineries aren’t community centers

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A mistake is being made when wineries are allowed to be called community centers.

Winery owners are contending that their wine tasting facilities are community centers and therefore allowed in the agriculture zone. The zoning ordinance allows community centers on ag zoned land, but winery tasting and banquet rooms are not community centers. The zoning is in place to allow the Grange Halls in Placer County to be on agricultural land. The Grange Halls have acted as community centers for decades.

A community center is a public building, which offers a variety of activities for the community.

As a former operator of a community center (Maidu) in Roseville, I can assure you that the wineries do not fit the category of community centers.

The (Placer County) Board of Supervisors needs to end this cat and mouse game by determining that wineries are not community centers. If they do not, every agricultural parcel in Placer County can open a community center for weddings, food events and bingo parlors. Is this what we want?

Think not.

Miguel Ucovich, Loomis