READER INPUT: Win or lose

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We need good, honest people to engage in the political process. My run for Town Council was my first attempt at a political office.  It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life. It's been draining emotionally, physically and a burden shared by my family. There were times when I felt it was too hard and I wanted to quit.  Then I would be hit with another barrage of untruths –  I was “pro-growth, corrupted by developers, pro low-income apartments,” all untrue.

Those scare tactics have been used over and over by those who fear losing their political power. It’s sad when politicians are willing to do anything and everything to stay in power. So many citizens have given up on our political system because of self-serving politicians.   

My experience was also very rewarding.  There are many great people in Loomis.  If nothing else, the issues facing Loomis have been brought to the forefront. Now, it's up to you. Make a difference by attending public meetings, voicing your opinion and serving your community.

If I have won or lost the election, it matters little.  I will continue to serve. I love Loomis.

Dave Wheeler, Loomis