READER INPUT: Supes need your input

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After approving two for-profit “community centers” within a month, on April 9 the Board of Supervisors voted for a moratorium on community center applications and directed planning to write guidelines for future private entertainment centers. Trouble is the sights, sounds and smells of true farming processes aren’t compatible with someone’s wedding or party. As these operations move deep into rural Placer farmlands, will farmers be pressured not to spray their crops because tourists are sitting down to dinner? Will ranchers be deterred from moving livestock because the wedding procession is using the road?

There is no public input into this process, even from farmers and ranchers who will be directly affected by entertainment venues in their neighborhoods. To reduce the impact of these facilities on rural neighborhoods e propose that private event centers in agricultural zoning have direct access from arterial or better roadways; are within three miles of the nearest city limits, and/or adjacent to property zoned commercial; and are located at least six miles from another private event center.

Placer County can be agro-tourism friendly, but not at the expense of real agriculture. Please let the Board of Supervisors know that you want sensible growth in Placer County.

Carol Rubin

Save Placer Farmlands