READER INPUT Regional fire district is still needed

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Last year, around this time and after the elections, I wrote a letter to the Editor.  I suggested that a regional fire district was the best and most cost-efficient way to provide quality fire protection to Placer County residents. I am more certain of that conclusion now that all of this year's efforts to find a solution have failed.

     After all of the meetings, all of the county measures and the dust has settled we still need an area-wide fire district.  The nucleus of this proposed area-wide fire district could be the South Placer Fire District, which has a firm administrative foundation, and could grow from there.  The focus of fire protection would change from individual districts to a county wide system. In order to achieve a county wide fire protection system, I believe, that the Board of Supervisors would have to assume an active leadership role in this endeavor.

     The time has come to recognize that smaller fire districts are no longer monetarily feasible.  We the individual property owners as well as we, the Community can no longer sustain the illusion that we can afford to pay for individual fire districts.  There are circumstances in which the combined power of the numbers works more efficiently and buys more.  This circumstance is one of them. 

Bill Peters, Newcastle