READER INPUT: Pool request is 'overreaching'

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I've been reading about the money Del Oro is requesting from the Town for a new pool facility (Loomis News March 28).  

To ask $250,000 from the Town of Loomis that has so many more needs, is way over-reaching, in my opinion. The Town of Loomis has greater needs such as the "Shed to Shed" plan to improve the downtown corridor.  This would provide improvements everyone could benefit from. With a more vibrant and attractive downtown, more visitors would be drawn here and businesses would be more interested in investing here, especially if that plan improved the traffic flow and became more pedestrian friendly. With the expected increase in traffic in and around Loomis when the two Rocklin shopping centers are completed near Interstate-80 and Sierra College Boulevard, it seems a much better investment for the Town would be to attract those shoppers to experience a small town setting with an inviting and attractive and safe environment.  

A small donation to the Del Oro pool is fine, but let's invest the Town's money in something that will provide a better payback and at the same time provide continuity and beauty to a downtown that is begging for it.

Irene Smith, Loomis