READER INPUT Liss not interested in regaining seat

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The voters have elected Dave Wheeler and I've congratulated him on his success. Now, he will need to resolve the legal issue of incompatible offices that he was apprised of in August. It will be up to the Fire District board, county counsel and possibly the California Attorney General to determine if he has a conflict with an incompatible office. 

When Dave Wheeler announced he was running, I asked Town staff to make sure Mr. Wheeler was aware of this issue and they confirmed they had discussed this issue with him.

I chose not to include this in my campaign literature, as this is primarily a legal issue regarding his ability to continue to serve as fire chief.

I am not interested in regaining my seat on the council. If a vacancy on the council arose due to this issue, I am not interested in being appointed to fill such a vacancy on a temporary basis, nor running for a seat in a special election, and I would decline a position if offered to me.

I hope this issue is resolved before Dec. 11 so that he can serve as elected.

Gary Liss, Loomis